this i know

Who has stretched out the skies like a canvas
Who has scooped up the oceans with his hands
Who has measured the hills from the mountains
You have

Who has given us beauty for ashes
Who has broken the chains of the captives
Who has rescued our lives with compassion
You have

This I know You are a great God
This I know You are a great God
This I know You are the one true God
You are a great God

Who is breaking the curse of injustice
Who is calling the nations to Jesus
Who is King of the world let us shout it
You are

All Consuming
Burning Fire
Glorious One
Risen Savior
King Forever
Love Unending
Beautiful One

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Jon Egan & Daniel Grothe © 2011 Integrity Worship Music/ASCAP


triumphalism, constantinianism & evangelicalism

loved this quote:

“…in our recovery of the gospel of grace, we’ve failed to kill the latent triumphalism and Constantinianism of evangelicalism, especially in our ecclesiology.”

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#oct7proclaim /// As a christian pastor I would like to encourage my fellow non-native friends to consider that all through the scriptures God is a covenant keeping God.

250 years ago a covenant was made by our forefathers and the First-peoples of this land. I believe this covenant was made before God and is sacred. Today this covenantal Treaty forms part of the spiritual foundation of our nation.

How can we expect God, as our Father & as our Creator, to bless us as a people if we don’t honour this covenant?

#oct7proclaim & #IdleNoMore are not merely about politics. They are about honour, integrity, and the very treaty-covenants that our ancestors made.

I believe honouring #oct7proclaim is key to the prophetic release of 2 Chronicles 7:14 ///

God’s promise is that He will heal our land.

I believe that part of the call to both “humble repentance and prayer” here in these verses must include true repentance for how the church in Canada has treated our First Nation sisters & brothers…

Calling on our government to honour the treaties is a key first step..

“We are all Treaty-people”