my wife

my wife is amazing! I would be so ‘in-over-my-head’ without her! she is one of the most mature, thoughtful, and selfless persons I know. kim is the driving force behind the work we do at #streetforceyouthcentre, and I know it is only because of her strength and wisdom that we are sucessful with this ministry.
being an indigenous woman, my wife often faces an up-hill battle. our society is filled with many prejudices towards First Nation women, and my wife constantly amazes me with her ability to face this with grace and strength. 

  kim and I both receieved a lot of recognition from both the youth and other members of this neighbourhood, and although we don’t do what we do for any of that; it does confirm to us that we are do hear their voice — and that it is the voices of these youth that we are learning to champion & empower. over the years we have also recieved a lot of criticism; (passive-aggressive judgementalism can so often lead to hostile accusation & even slander) I personally am ok with this, b/c in the ‘red letters’ I also see Jesus recieved the same kind of criticims that Kim & I have had to go through. and as I look back I’ve realized the times Kim and I recieved the stongest criticims were the times we were leaning on Him the most. He led us to stand for those with no voice, and He graced us to “turn-the-other-cheek” in the face of all the negativity. 

although I have a long way to go, and struggle to work out my salvation (just like anyone else) my wife is one of the most christ-like people I know. she has taught me so much.
I love you Kimberly Anne. you are my light, you are an amazing wife & mother. Zander and Jenna have the best mom in the whole world. I am so lucky to have you. you make me a better person in so many ways! ~~ always and forever



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